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Moments shared with each other are some of the most memorable and rewarding experiences anyone can have. We can all learn from one another and we each have something of value to share. Whether it is companionship for an adventure, advice to tackle an endeavor or support during a journey, we all contribute to each others’ story. Moments Connect hopes to bring together examples of shared experiences and provide resources to help others achieve meaningful connection in their everyday lives.



Who is behind
the scenes
at MoCo?

We are a team passionate about exploring cultures and traveling to exciting destinations. We enjoy learning and sharing the unique stories that form the bond between people. We all have different experiences, expertise and approaches and are eager to share. Together, we hope to provide resources for those looking to overcome the boundaries of connection – whether for school, business or personal interests. Check out the About Us page for more.



What can you
expect from us?

While we are currently under construction, we would like to share our timeline of what we plan to have launched in the near future. Be sure to check back in for more updates. We’re excited to have you join us on our journey!


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Our creator just learned her company is restructuring and her full-time job is impacted. We are working on updating content as soon as possible and hope you will check back in mid March.